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Protect your seats from water, mud, and anything you can throw at it with Rough Country’s front and rear Neoprene Seat Covers. These easy-to install covers fit snugly over your truck's seats to protect your interior from the elements while blending in perfectly.

These comfortable seat covers feature a 4-layer construction with a thick foam padding for a comfortable feel and durable quality. The outer Neoprene protective layer wards off water and mildew while being soft to the touch and offering great breathability. Each cover is designed to be an exact fit on your vehicle, with accessibility for airbags, seat adjustment, and more!

No tools required for this fast and simple upgrade, just slip each cover firmly over the seat and fasten with the built-in straps and you’re ready to roll!

Pick up a set of front seat covers to save your most-used seats from additional wear, or a rear set to protect your back seat from stains caused by kids or animals. Or choose front and rear for full seat protection!


  • Rear cover ONLY fits Double Cab Models
  • Not designed designed for models with electric seats.

Rough Country's front and rear Neoprene Seat Covers will protect your seats from water, dirt, and everything else you can throw at them. These simple-to-install coverings fit tightly over your truck's seats, protecting your interior from the weather while seamlessly blending in.

These plush seat coverings have a 4-layer structure with thick foam padding for a plush feel and long-lasting durability. The outer Neoprene protection layer is pleasant to the touch and offers excellent ventilation while repelling water and mildew. Each cover is tailored to fit your vehicle perfectly, with access to airbags, seat adjustments, and more!

This quick and easy modification requires no tools; simply put each cover firmly over the seat and secure with the built-in straps, and you're ready to go!

Get a set of front seat covers to protect your most-used seats from extra wear, or a set of rear seat covers to protect your back seat from stains caused by children or animals. Alternatively, choose front and back for complete seat protection!